Allbiz Supplies

Allbiz Supplies is a printing and office supplies retailer who have expanded into new areas including education supplies, cleaning and safety equipment, kitchen supplies, and craft. Their design department now handles both print and web design.

Due to the diverse nature of their work, Allbiz maintains several special-purpose commerce websites to sell their products online: A web-to-print storefront, an office/education supplies storefront, and (under development) a vinyl lettering designer.

Allbiz's main site,, has been through several iterations. In its previous form it contained dozens of pages detailing product specs and price lists, but this information has since been moved to their storefront sites. The main site now functions as a portal and general information site, designed to funnel customers to whichever storefront has the product they're looking for.

The homepage features a unique portal menu, which was designed by Allbiz's own web designer as part of the design for the previous iteration of the site. Much of the design elements from that version of the site have been kept for this reduced version of the site.